June 29, 2016

Roquefort the small cheese village in South of France

From the terracce of the main Office to the Cheese Company: Societe we overlook the village street of Roquefort.
One street clinging to the nearby mountain - essential for the producing of the Word famous cheese.

This is another stitch of 3 photos.

From the net:
The cheese city clings precariously to the side of the Combalou Rock in the South of Larzac.It is a village of 679 souls, and the altitude is 630metres -2066ft-. Roquefort is located in the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park.

Even if Roquefort seems to be peaceful, it is also an industrial village where about a thousand people work to ripen the famous Roquefort cheese. The tradition dates back to a thousand years, and this secret is kept at the depths of its natural caves. Those caves are directly laid out in the slide rock of Combalou and measure 2km -1.24mi- long and 300m -984ft- wide.

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