October 5, 2016

A glimse of Oslo, Norway - from the Ekeberg Hill

Ekeberg Hill one of the first places to be populated in Oslo - already just after the last ice age when the sea level was app. 200m higher than today.

At this photo we look down to the new apartment buildings at Sorenga - right beside the new Opera (situated behind the green vegetation to the right). The big ship in the back is the ferry daily departing for Copenhagen.

Some more from WIKI:
Ekeberg is a neighborhood in the city of Oslo, Norway. The painting "The Scream" by Edvard Munch is painted from Utsikten ("the view"), a part of Ekeberg.

In the area are a number of old Iron Age grave mounds and Bronze Age ritual sites. This establish the area of Ekeberg as one of the oldest inhabited places around Oslo. During the Middle Ages, the farm of Ekeberg belonged to Hovedøya Abbey. The area was later taken by the crown.

From 1760, the farm of Ekeberg was run by an appointed owner, and his relatives owned the farm thereafter. In the area, a number of small homesteads under the main farm was erected the following century. The first suburban settlement came around 1900, and the early suburb was raised in the years prior to 1935. Many of the early houses are still present in the area. Ekeberg belonged to Oslo from 1947.

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