October 17, 2016

Flying South from Valdres. Norway

I made this stitch of 7 photos when visiting a small summit near our mountain cottage. Look at the shadow in the lower left - seems like a bird is sailing above the landscape - in a way like we are departing from this landscape - and in fact we are going to the South of France and our apartment close to the Spanish border this weekend.

To the left in the photo you will see some white buildings which is one of the most popular high mountain resort hotel in this part of the country: Storefjell Hotell.
Then the flat landscape to the right which is a big flat high mountain plain: Fløtenhovda. BTW right in the middle of the landscape is our mountain cottage situated.  In fact from that place we have looked over to this summit we are visiting for almost 30 years - without never hiking here (it looked so small and we preferred some more challenging summits time after time until this day in October).

A fine weekend to all of you - next posting sometimes over the  weekend...

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