May 25, 2017

Meet the late Swedish Trubadur Evert Taube in the harbour of Gothenburg. Sweden

Gotenhenburg harbor one of the most busy in Scandinavia. I am not sure why the placed this statue of the in Sweden word famous trubador Evert Taube right here - also close to the Gothenburg Opera building. Here some more from the net:

Evert Axel Taube was a Swedish author, artist, composer and singer (1890-1976). He was born in Gothenburg, and brought up on the island of Vinga, where his father, a ship's captain, was the lighthouse keeper. Taube is best known for his folk songs.
The sculptor was Eino Hanski (1928-2000) and this monument was erected on 10 August 1996 by Västanvind, the Taube Association.
In the background is the barque Viking (see the associated Ships & Harbours web site), and the Göta Älvbron bridge, linking the two halves of Gothenburg.

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