July 18, 2017

Biking around Sore Syndin in Valdres, Norway

Biking around the lake Sore Syndin in Valdres, Norway II
IT is no more than app. 14 km around this lake that is the smallest of 3 lakes in the Syndin region. A beatiful mountain landscape with some small summerfarms and some cottages scattered around.

Above you can see our starting point in the South end of the lake. A fine summer day but with some strong wind making some vawes on the lake.

In every road cross there is well marked signs telling you where to go - anyway going aroud a lake is rather self explaining....

On our way we also pass this old small cottage (photo below)

Below a modern mountain cottage along the gravel road around Sore Syndin

Hereford cattle - a strange sight around Sore Syndin

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