July 15, 2017

Passing the mountain Skogshorn on our bike tour around Tisleifjorden, Norway

Biking around Tisleifjorden. Part V
In the end of the fjord we cross over from Golsfjell to Lykkja in Valdres.  The lowest place, in the small valley we cross, is where we bike over this little bridge with a creek apparently coming from the mountain Skogshorn (in the back).

On our way down to this point we also had a fine view from the higher terrain as seen in this panorama (made of 3iphone6+ photos stitched.

This region is not too populated but some cottages and summer farms is to be spotted here and there. In the photo below we found a small old barn with trees growing right up from the roof of the building. A sight quite ordiaire up here...

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