September 15, 2017

Just another ordinary day in the East of Norway

Just another ordinary day..
After some weeks starting with a loss (temporarily  I hope) of the sight in one eye. A stay in the hospital with CT and MR scanning leading to a total change in plans and activities for the present period - you start to look forward to have just an ordinary, even boring, day.
A day when everything is normal and nothing of importance seems to happen.

Many times we seems to remember the days with problems and challenges or the big events - while the ordinary days is just something we grant and accepted without ever notice them. Still they represent a great value

- as such days probably are the most meaningful in our lives.
4 weeks after my periode with disability I slowly return to more "normal days" - and experience a great pleasure in this. Just going out for a walk or a little trip in my car - doing ordinary daily activities... feeling as usual.

This gray September day I did a little neighboorhood tour in my car visiting an historical building where some negotiations was done in 1814 between Norway and Denmark with the target to free Norway from the 400 years long dominance of Denmark. The farm to the priest of Spydeberg was a little part of the process - the main building is seen here. And a fine symbol by the two ladies, out there in the rain, to lift the Norwegian flag outside the stately building.

Just another, fine, ordinary day...

Your comments are welcome 😊

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