October 4, 2017

Autumn in October. Alby Manor. Jeløya (island) in Oslofjorden. Norway

The park in front of the Alby Manor at Jeløya.
Alby manor
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Coordinates: 59 ° 25'27,944 "N 10 ° 36'36,436" Ø (map)

Alby manor is the oldest farm in Jeløy, and has roots back to early Viking times. 
Jeløy is also a special area with its distinctive nature. Søndre Jeløy Landscape Protection Area was established in 1983, and helps to preserve the historic character of the landscape.

The park of Alby consists of a lawn of fruit and acacia trees. The park is designed so that you have the feeling of being on a beach ground by a mound hiding underlying fields that lie between the park and the sea.

The woods located at Alby are a very popular hiking area. There are high-quality trails that make the area easily accessible, also for disabled people.

Jeløya was actually a peninsula in the Oslofjord, but was divided from the mainland in 1855 by the Moss canal (Mossekanalen) a 20-meter broad canal that was built through the low isthmus. 

Walking the gravel road from the Manor - a popular path at Jeløya

Along the shores to the Oslofjord

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