2014 Summer tour

Going with car from Oslo to a summer stay in  South of France.

I like this trip, which I have done many times starting with the car ferry from Oslo to Kiel - and then on the tour south stop at new places - spending an extra day and do some biking along the route.

Find below the blogs connected with  the trip to the south and the stay in France - also with a short trip to Spain - Catalonia:
  1. An-outstanding-car-ferry-from-Oslo-to Kiel in Germany
  2. The-old-town-stade-in-Germany
    The old town Stade in Germany
  3. Relaxed-city-life-in-old-town-Stade
    Relaxed city life in the old town Stade outside Hamburg, Germany
  4. A-pink-afternoon-in-old-town-Stade
    A pink afternoon in the old town Stade outside Hamburg, Germany
  5. On-tour-biking-along-Elben-Germany
  6. On-tour-in-Trier-Mozel-valley, Germany
  7. On-tour-biking-along-Mozel-river
  8. On-tour-Lyon-in-France-illuminated-in the night
  9. On-tour-Lyon-France- a city-going-back 2100 years in time
  10. On-tour-going-from-Lyon-to-Avignon, 
  11. On-tour-the impressive-Pope-Palace-in Avignon
  12. Back-in-South-of-France-Argeles-sur-mer. The port
  13. Biking-in-and-around Port-Vendres
  14. Summer-souvenirs-from-Collioure
  15. Jardin-de-Papillons-in-Elne
  16. Biking-from-Girona-to-Costa Bravo
  17. A-small-village-called-Port-Vendres
  18. Soon-to-be-AOC-Collioure-2014-wine-from-France
  19. Running-along-canal-du-midi-in-toulouse
  20. Sunday-along-canal-du-Midi-near Toulouse
  21. Tasting-St-Emilion-in-St-Emilion. Bordeaux, 
  22. The-madam-at-Cap-Leucat-France-looking for pirates....
  23. The-vineyard-roundabout-in-Argeles
  24. On-tour-day-on-road-ending-in-Cochem, Germany
  25. Photograping-the sea-outside-the coast of Denmark
  26. Sailing-out-from-Kiel-Germany-en-route to Oslo-Norway
    Sailing out from Kiel, Germany - en route to Oslo, Norway
  27. Storebelt-bridge-Korsor-Denmark
    Storebelt bridge, Korsor, Denmark
  28. Sunset-onboard-ms-Color-Fantasy
    Sunset onboard MS Color Fantasy in Kattegat, Denmark

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