Arctic Road Trip

For my Arctic Road Trip 2017 I plan to go with my car and a Colman Instant tent (1 minute to pitch)
Starting from Oslo via my mountain place I plan to go north as far as Narvik in the first stages. After that crossing over to Sweden and the Gulf of Bothnia.
I also bring my collapsible bike (stored inside the car under transport) and plan to do at least a day of biking under each stop over.

Details of the route/map right here. Follow the development - GREEN spots visited...

JUNE 09 Waiting for improved weather condition
I am awaiting some better weather. It is still rather cold for the season and lots of rain.
My modest start will be up to my mountain place - probably within 1-3 days.

JUNE 11 Rain and water everywhere
For a photo update from the neigbhorhood to my mountain cottage:

JUNE 15 Still in mountain
Still around my mountain cottage. The weather is still wet and quite cold in the nights - not what one want for overnight stay in a tent. Photo update from a small fishing lake close by: 

JUNE 20 Even frost in the night
Waiting for summer is a pleasure for the very patience man.  This night we even had frost up here in the mountains NorthWest of Oslo.....

JUNE 26 Biking in the valley Tisleidalen
I prefer to stay at my mountain place as even now, in the end of June, the weather does not invite for any camping along my planned route. For a vista from my valley - follow this link:

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