June 11, 2012

A car ferry to cross the Oslofjord

A car ferry leaves Moss bound for Horten 25 minutes away - KLICK for larger version
Every 20 minutes during the day a car ferry cross the Oslofjord from Moss to Horten and/or the other way.
The passage takes app. 25 minutes.  The company shipped in 2010 over 1.5 million vehicles and more than 3 million passengers.

From WIKI:
Ferry connection over the outer part of the Oslo fjord has a long history, and was probably used from the early Middle Ages. In the visitation books of Bishop Jens Nilsson from 1582 it is mentioned that it was customary to travel over the fjord here.
Tronvik on Jeløya was then the ferry site on the east side of the fjord. In a letter dated 1712 orders of King Frederik IV sheriff in Borre to build a larger ferry, it could take 16 horses and 50 men.
At the ferry privilege of 1752 was required to keep the ferry with room for 6 horses with their riders, and in addition boatsmen.
In 1784 given the provisions on ferry fares, the ferry man to have 40 shillings for rowing a boat for 12 people over the fjord, winter fare was 60 shillings. In 1857 it took over government operations, which place and the ferry was moved to the middle Bryggen in Moss.

More photos from the Oslofjord in this Flickr set >>

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