June 10, 2012

Norway SE: Linnekleppen - a fire watchtower in the forest

Linnekleppen - KLICK for larger version
Linnekleppen is the highest point in Rakkestad municipality in Ostfold, Norway SE.
325 meters above sea level. It is also the fourth highest point in the county.

The Fire Watchtower is Northern Europe's only at active service in the summer.
From the tower one has views over large areas of the forest in southeast Norway, and parts of Sweden.

The tower was established in 1908 and is staffed in June, July and August.
This version of the tower was erected in 1936. The tower is 17 meters high and has a little room to accomondate the person/guard who stays there.
Visitors have to hike app 3,5km to the tower with an elevation at app 250m.

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