February 14, 2014

North Cape, Norway - Children of the World

On Tour to North Cape - day 06 - Finally there III

To be found at the North Cape by the tourist Center: The "Children of the world" sculpture created by Seven children from Thailand to Tanzania.

Here photographed at a visit a grey day in January.

It was strange being almost alone around this great sculpture partly covered in snow in a very low light environment - still with a fading sun in the clouded sky.

And I think this photo version of the sculpture on this day for me was a small highlight as I walked around in solitude at North Cape - outside and inside the big North Cape center.

(BTW the blue in the snow is due to the Arctic low light winter season not any idea, wish or PP from my side :-))

From the net:

The “Children of the World” sculpture was started in 1988 when author Simon Flem Devold randomly selected seven children from seven countries – Tanzania, Brazil, USA, Japan, Thailand, Italy and Russia — to visit the North Cape to dream of “Peace on Earth”.

During their seven day visit, each of the 8-to12-year-old children made a clay relief symbolizing friendship, hope, joy and working together. In 1989 the reliefs were enlarged, case in bronze and erected in a semi-circle outside the North Cape Hall. A “Mother and Child “monument by sculptor Eva Rybakken points toward the seven disks.

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