February 13, 2014

Tour to North Cape, Norway. Day 06 - finally there II

Almost alone at North Cape - Norway

A special photo of the North Cape cliff a grey day in January. Few visitors only the North Cape globe symbol out there by the steep cliff. This may happen the few days when there is no Northbound coastal express - only a car convoy of 4 cars led by a huge snowplow to and from the main road. Going in at 11AM and out 01.45PM.
Believe me - being almost alone at the most Northern point of the European mainland - is for sure a special event.
Nothing else to do then than make a photo of the huge 307m high cliff covered in snow with the globe of iron at the top.
After that going in to the North Cape Center and celebrate with a Pepsi Max to 5 euro in the cafeteria, and pay additional 30 euro for the visit....
It took me app. 6 days in all getting there by car and ship (1, 5 day driving and then the coastal express for 3 nights). Distance from my home some 2.100km (1.300 miles). A curiosity: 2.000km further north and we are at the North Pole....
History from the net:
The North Cape was named by the English explorer Richard Chancellor in 1553 when he rounded the cape looking for a Northeast passage to East Asia and Pacific America.
After Mr. Chancellor described the cape, some famous people climbed the steep cliff from sea level. The most famous were King Oscar II of Sweden/Norway in 1873 and Thailand's King Chulalongkorn in 1907.
In 1943, the Battle of North Cape was fought in the Arctic Ocean off this cape.

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