May 11, 2014

Saturday market in Ceret, South of France

Catalan weekend tour: Collioure - Ceret - Prats de Molle La Preste
(all in French Catalonia. For the rest of the tour it will be: Spanish Catalonia ):
Molló - Camprodon - Castellfollit de La Roca - Besalu and then back to Collioure.

Today: Ceret

Up inn the hills beyond the Mediterranian, near the border to Spain you will find the village Ceret - super big supplier of Cherries,

Each Saturday a part of the village streets are at the disposal for the market - filling the streets with all kind of goods for sale - lots of visitors - a real big market day.

This photo from yesterday as we stopped on our way up in the Pyreenes...

... And below - in more peaceful sourrondings as the madam prepare a simple lunch further up in the valley:

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