June 5, 2014

The road to the medieval Madeloc tower in South of France

There is 300 days with sun in this part of France.

But in this photo, a more clouded day, we walk uphills to the former Catalan watch tower Madeloc - just outside of the village Collioure.
In the background you can see the old tower.

From the net:
The Albères,the foothills of Pyrenees as a natural border between Spain and France were for centuries of strategic importance.The Tour Madeloc ,a watch tower was built in 1285 by James II of Majorca to protect his territory of Roussillon against possible attacks both from the north by the king of France and from the south by his brother Peter of Aragon(Spain).

Watching the sea,it is located 2100 feet(652 m) above sea level and its guards could signal other towers by means of fire enemy movements.

The Madeloc watch tower offers stunning views of the lowlands and the coast of Roussillon,view to the north.
This two storey tower with a spiral staircase was done up by Vauban in the 17th century.It is now a TV relay station.On clear days,one get breathtaking views of the sea,plain of Roussillon and mountains.

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