July 29, 2014

ON TOUR: Lyon, France a city going back 2100 years

Presenting a vista over Lyon put together with 3 photos stitched.
Standing on this hill where the Romans was said to have established the first village almost 2100 years ago in 64 BC.... - for me a special feeling - at that time they could maybe see the rivers Saone and Rhone glimpsing in the underlaying forest. Impressive history asking me..
Down by the shores of the rivers a more modern Lyon is developing - like the green building (whatver it is) to the ultramodern museum of Confluences which is yet not finished in the middle there just before the big bridge crossing the Rhone with all the tourists passing Lyon without never stopping
Modern Lyon is represented by the tradition of finding the best cooks on the continent . The Bouchons - as marked at this restaurant in the Old town.
I conclude this little Lyon sightseeing with this photo of, also in this city, a little group of small folks wandering around in their little world of big wonders.
Find below a map of my 30 km high and low in Lyon this grey day in July:

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