November 9, 2014

A walk through centuries down to the old medieval village Eus in the South of France.

A walk through centuries down to the old village Eus in the South of France.
Coming down from the hills on the upperside of this fine village - following the gravel road - you stop in the last curve of the road. Before your eyes you see what is excact like an old living medieval town. In the early afternoon the sight and the silence is remarkable.
In the few streets you can look directly into you see no cars, hardly any human moving around. The same goes for the rest of the view - few tracks of our world anno 2014 - it looks like a conserved medieval world. Pls. enjoy
The photo is made by a stitch of 2 photos.
From wiki:
This former defensive site was built in terraces in the garrigue between the Conflent valley and Mont Canigou and had to repel the French in the 16C and the Spanish army in the 18C. Today, the imposing Church of Saint Vincent stands in place of the old citadel and steep cobblestone streets descend from its doors.
The Madam takes a look down to Eus after a hike in the hills on the overside of the village.
A look up to Comes that was left of people in 1928. Today only inhabitated by a shepherd and 200 sheeps.

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