November 7, 2014

The terraced vineyards of Le Cellier des Templiers in Banyuls, South of France

After this years wine harvest is it time to maintain the vineyards that looks almost brownish this late in the year -without grapes and the green leaves. You can easily see all the tracks going down the slopes of the hills just over Collioure, Port Vendres and Banyuls Sur Mer.
The little village down there is Cosprons just above the Bay of Paulilles where there in former days was a production plant for Nobels dynamite (placed as far away from the ongoing wars between France and Germany as possible (around 1870).
To the lower right you will see the greyish buildings that is the fine wine production plant of the Cellier des Templiers in Banyuls. Probably the largest producers of the well known Banyul wines.
The vinyards we look down to here is just on the upper boarder of the altitude you can have wine stocks in this region.

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