August 14, 2015

Coast of Norway: Svolvær / Svolvar incl. jumping Svolværgeita / the Svolvar goat.

Sailing in to Svolvær, the most central town and harbour in Lofoten we are met by the statue: "Fishermans wife" (made by Per Ung). In this version head decorated by a bypassing seagull.
I was at the bridge in front of the boat capturing this fine town in Lofoten - also with the background low mountains. In the red circle there is a kind of cliff with 2 high cliff-walls at top called Svolværgeita - The Svolvær goat.
I could not see any details over there but did with a 2 minutes intervall 2 shots with my 150mm lens (equal to 300mm classic). Later I enlarged (by cropping) the photos and could see that I by a coincidence had captured a person jumping Svolværgeita. Look below for details:
Maybe not the best of quality - but what to expect with a small lens some 1-2 km away shooting from the bridge of my ship.
At left you see a person on the left horn of Svolværgeita preparing to jump. To the right, 2 minutes later the climber have made the jump and landed at the right horn of this "goat".
Belive it or not - a quite popular event that you can even buy as a tourist - where you led by a professional guide is offered to do this jump by yourself. That is after traversing and climbing with rope some very airy places along the way...

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