August 18, 2015

Svolvær in Lofoten, Norway

The daily arrival in Svolvær of the coastal express is always attracting people living in or visiting this "Capitol" of Lofoten.

The modern, central, Svolvær.

The first town formation known in North Norway, Vågar, was situated around the narrow, natural harbor near Kabelvåg, just west of Svolvær. Vågar is mentioned in the book Heimskringla, and might have been established as early as the year 800.

One of the first churches in North Norway was most likely built here, approximately 900 years ago. The great cod fisheries in winter has always been the most important economical foundation for the town, but fish farming (salmon) is also important in Vågan, as is Secora and Lofotkraft.

Town status:
Svolvær was an important fishing village for a long time, and because of this, it was given town status in 1918. On 1 July 1918, the new town of Svolvær was separated from the municipality of Vågan to become its own municipality. Initially, the new municipality had 2429 residents. Today app. 5000.

Another street capture from Svolvær. 
Regard the horns of the cliff Svolværgeita in the upper right part of the photo.

The madam enjoys the dinner onboard MS Nordkapp after a fine day at sea.

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