September 15, 2015

Biking to Glitterheim lodge in Jotunheimen, Norway

There is just some 8km from the closed car road (by the border to the National Park) going in to Glitterheim Lodge in Jotunheimen. Beside no more than +5C and some wind a fine trip to bike along the gravel road this day in September

The Madam is looking forward to a simple lunch served in the old lodge - more than 100 years old

TURISTFORENINGEN: At 1400 m elevation, Glitterheim has the heights of the Jotunheimen at its door. Peaks like Glittertind, Nautgardstind, Memurutind and Trollsteineggen are goals for summit enthusiasts 

From Glitterheim, there's a nature trail with features for children and adults, including details on plants, animals, traditions and early settlements in the area. 

Though Glitterheim is high in Alpine terrain, the area around the lodge is lush and green. Here there are bilberry bushes and cowberry bushes, and there's rhubarb along the south wall of the lodge.

Facilities: Glitterheim has 137 bunks, in two-bunk and four-bunk rooms, a larger room and a dormitory. All bunks have duvets and pillows with covers. You can also put the duvet aside and sleep in your own sleeping bag. 

In the main building, there's hot and cold water, and the lodge has a diesel generator (220 VAC). Nonetheless, it's wise to have a torch in your pack, because the generator is turned off around 23.00 in the evening. 

Beautiful mountainlandscape along the road to Glitterheim Lodge

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