September 3, 2015

Pic Neoulos in the Alberes Mountains in the lower Pyrenees at the border France / Spain

The Madam on the summit of Pic Neoulos (alt. 1250m) at the border between France and Spain in The Alberes mountains - a part of the lower Pyrenees.
We drived up from the border village Perthus and hiked from a nearby Restaurant and Chalet.

The reward was a fantastic vista over the large, plain Rousillon landscape on the French side, while we at the other side could see lots of hills and distant villages in Spain in the direction of Jonquera and Figueres in Northern Catalan.

The lake in the middle is the artificial lake Rahoe a bit South of Perpignan - a popular hike around the lake is app. 7km long.

In a village near the foot of the mountain we can see the new house to our friend Elaine - the white building back in the center - very modern and stylish - a superb arcitechture in the beautiful landscape.

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