May 12, 2016

Grundsund an idyllic fishermans village at the WestCoast of Sweden

Grundsund in May (in a partly tiltshift effect)
A fanatastic place to visit. We arrived on our bicycles after a super tour along the Coat Path from Fiskebackil. The red and white houses balance perfect to the blue sky and sea on this fine day.

We hade this fine view from our lunch place in the harbour where we enjoyed a fresh made shrimp sandwich and a cold beer.

From the net: Grundsund
Grundsund is a typical Bohuslän fishing village, and yet not. For similarities to spite; boathouses, the closely spaced houses, etc., every coastal community its unique character and history.

Grundsunds history is primarily history of fishing. The transformation from fishing village to the skipper society and seaside resort, like many other coastal communities such as Fiskebäckskil went through in the 1800s, never worked in Grundsund.

Although elements of both freight speed and some bathers letting kept fishing its leading position. Therefore, we find this not the great captain's houses or the graceful badgäst- architecture with its glass verandas and lövsågssnickerier. What characterizes the buildings are instead "law of equality." The houses are usually small and have a frugal decorating fishery democratic organization can thus be traced in the buildings.

On both sides of the narrow strait that connects Gåsöfjorden in the north with Värbo- fjord in the south, and that is something of Grundsunds spine, society has gradually emerged. Here we see the row of boathouses and warehouses that form front against the water and behind them the bright closely spaced houses climbing up the slopes. During the first World War was dug a canal in the area around where the bridge is now located. Then you could go by cargo ships through the harbor from north to south.

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