May 18, 2016

The long bike tour from Scotland to the Westcoast of Sweden

There is a long way biking from Scotland to the WestCoast of Sweden following Euro Velo Route 12 - The North Sea Cycle route. But why stop here when you may continue right up to the WestCoast of Norway and make yourself a trip of almost 6 000km length.
I am afraid that our small tours those days we spent at the WestCoast of Sweden vas no more than  1% of the total..... (this time).

Plan your tour right here:

From the net:
EuroVelo 12 (EV12), the North Sea Cycle Route, is a 5,942 km (3,692 mi) long-distance cycling route circuit around the coastlines of the countries that border the North Sea: these countries are (going clockwise from an arbitrary starting point of Harwich in Essex) England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.
The North Sea Cycle Route was officially opened in 2001, and is an international project between the countries participating, with 68 partners in 8 countries.
In 2003, the route was awarded a Guinness world record certificate confirming that the North Sea Cycle Route was the world's longest cycle route.

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